Adam Porebski


Adam Porebski composer
Adam Porebski composer

Composer, violinist, teacher.
A graduate of the Academy of Music. Karol Lipiński in Wrocław,
and currently vice-dean at the Faculty of Composition, Conducting, Music Theory, and Music Therapy.
His compositional output includes about 90 autonomous pieces for various performances:
instrumental, vocal, vocal-instrumental, electronic, and electroacoustic compositions,
which were performed on stages in most European countries, the USA, and Australia.
Also composes music for theater performances, music for games,
music for therapy, and is also the author of audiovisual installations,
popular music arrangements and jingles.
In creative work, he is willing to undertake interdisciplinary activities,
looking for connections between music and new technologies,
medicine, marketing, business, architecture, and psychology.
His music can be described with the following keywords (alphabetical order):
algorithm, cycle, gesture, harmony, improvisation, interdisciplinarity,
intuition, computer, context, micromelodics, multimedia, order,
repeatability, processuality, punctuality, sonorism, freedom, theatrization, pitch.